Website Redesigns – An Overview

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Are you thinking about a redesign of your website? If so, you are in the right place. This article provides an overview of the key phases of website redesign strategy. If you prefer a visual format, this article is also available in a series of seven short videos. Why undertake a website redesign? First and…Read more »

Finding Broken Links and Redirects – The Easy Way

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Imagine this scenario: You’re reviewing the most popular articles on your site, you click on the call-to-action (CTA) only to discover that it comes up with a 404 error. “How is this possible?” you ask yourself. Then you remember changing the target URL a few months back. However, you forgot to update the link in the CTA…Read more »

Client Website Questionnaire

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In order for any digital agency to provide an accurate recommendation and estimate, a certain amount of discovery is required. Our client questionnaire below starts the process by asking key questions about project requirements. If a question isnʼt relevant or you donʼt know the answer, just leave it blank. Within the list we have provided…Read more »

Critical Website Definition Documents Every Business Needs

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sample website definition documnets
Developing a website is like building a house. When you want to build a house, you ask an architect to draw up the plans. The architect will get building permits, city licenses, oversee a geological survey and more, all before any actual construction begins. Without these plans and documents, the house cannot be built, and if…Read more »

Google Data Studio – Example Report

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google data studio
Simplifying complex marketing data with custom Data Studio reports One complaint we often hear from potential clients is that their marketing company provides little insight into what they are doing and what the results are. These business owners feel that they are throwing money into a bottomless marketing pit. Fortunately, most websites these days have Google…Read more »

The Hamburger Approach to Online Success

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If someone dropped a plain hamburger patty and a cold bun on your plate would you find it appetizing? Probably not, even though the hamburger patty is the main component of the burger, it’s the other ingredients that add the flavor and make the whole burger so delicious. In the Hamburger Approach, the hamburger patty…Read more »

Smart Marketing Reports with Google Data Studio

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analytics and data studio
There is an overwhelming amount of marketing data available to business owners and marketers. How can the small business owner sift through this complex data and focus on the actionable items that can affect ROI? Over 50 million websites rely on Google Analytics as their preferred marketing insight solution. It’s extremely powerful and dense. Just the basic Audience Overview page…Read more »

What Does It Take To Be a Digital Marketer?

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expert digital marketer
Recently, Zak Brown, our Marketing Manager, was asked by someone fresh out of college what it took to become a Digital Marketer. Following is the email he sent. I'd like you to enjoy Zak's thoughts on what it takes to be an effective Digital Marketer.   Hey Mike, I'm happy to help, and I'm going to…Read more »

How much content do I have to write to be recognized by the search engines?

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how much content to be ecognized by search engines?
Confession: several years ago we wrote an article on website costs that hit the magical combination of content. Google picked us up as the expert source on website costs and organically boosted us to the top as the preferred website for the phrase “how much does a website cost?” This has resulted in up to…Read more »

Social Media Ad Spend…Worth it or Not?

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social media ad spend
Have you been longing to get your brand in front of that very elusive 13-34 demographic? Are you trying to focus your marketing efforts to spark positive dialogue about your brand? Strategic use of social media advertising could be just the ticket! You should be collaborating with your digital marketing agency to determine where your customers are being engaged, how to reach them…Read more »