What Does It Take To Be a Digital Marketer?

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expert digital marketer
Recently, Zak Brown, our Marketing Manager, was asked by someone fresh out of college what it took to become a Digital Marketer. Following is the email he sent. I'd like you to enjoy Zak's thoughts on what it takes to be an effective Digital Marketer.   Hey Mike, I'm happy to help, and I'm going to…Read more »

A Hubspot Marketing Software Success Story

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Why Growth-Focused PennyMac Turned to HubSpot Software When Jeremy Bachmann, Vice President of Online Marketing, first started at PennyMac, the company was looking to grow by rapidly expanding its direct-to-consumer lending business. But just as the company was expanding its customer acquisition efforts it faced two main obstacles in achieving its growth goals: Marketing activities…Read more »

Branded Content Marketing: What Your Business Can Learn from Red Bull

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Six-year-old Red Bull Media House has over 135 full-time publishing house employees. They’ve produced 105 videos with at least 1 million views on YouTube. Their 2011 film, The Art of Flight, topped the iTunes charts. And those are just a few of their marketing milestones. Walking through their Santa Monica facility at a breakfast meeting…Read more »

Sidekick by HubSpot… Sweet + Suite!

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Sidekick Logo by HubSpot
HubSpot’s angling for a Trifecta with their Small Business Marketing Software. If you’ve read my past posts than you know I’m a HubSpot Software Consultant and a vocal supporter of their marketing software platform. HubSpot developers have introduced a CRM tool and an app called Sidekick that optimize small business marketing, sales and contact management collaboration.…Read more »

Bye INBOUND 2014, Hello INBOUND 2015

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HubSpot Keynotes Insights
Launched in 2011, INBOUND is designed for forward thinking marketing agencies and small businesses. The INBOUND tagline is: Come Together. Get Inspired. Be Remarkable. The format was originated by HubSpot, a marketing software company located in the Cambridge area of Boston. Originally held at the Hynes Center in Boston from 2011-2013 INBOUND has outgrown that…Read more »

Introducing the HubSpot CRM System for Small Businesses

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HubSpot CRM System
This past September I attended Inbound 2014 HubSpot’s inbound marketing conference held in Boston for Inbound Marketers since 2011. The success of Inbound is another story for another post but I mention it here because company CEO Brian Halligan used this event with over 10,000 in attendance to introduce the company’s new CRM system to…Read more »

Put More Muscle Into Your Online Marketing With HubSpot

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Editors Note: Today, our guest and integrated marketing consultant, Terry Hayes, introduces us to one of the most efficient and user-friendly marketing software programs currently available: HubSpot.  Read on to learn how this valuable tool helps modern day businesses, big and small, streamline and optimize their marketing strategy and tactics. -- Managing marketing content for company blogs, email…Read more »