Website Redesigns – An Overview

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website redesign article banner
Are you thinking about a redesign of your website? If so, you are in the right place. This article provides an overview of the key phases of website redesign strategy. If you prefer a visual format, this article is also available in a series of seven short videos. Why undertake a website redesign? First and…Read more »

Estimating for Website Visual Design

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costing web design
How do web agencies establish the cost for website interface design? The way the website looks, the visual design, is a critical component of website development. This article covers how many agencies approach and estimate the cost of the visual design phase. On either side of this equation, it can be tricky to get web design costs right. How…Read more »

The Benefits of a Creative Brief – and why every web project needs one

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creative brief benefits
A Creative Brief sets your web designers down the right path The Creative Brief is a one-page document created during the "Definition" phase of website development. The primary goal of a Creative Brief is to inspire creativity in your design team and inform them about your branding, marketing, and demographics. It helps lay the foundation for…Read more »

Super Low-Cost Hacks for Stale Websites

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The web loves activity and thrives on constant updates and new content. If you let your website stagnate, anyone who’s visited your website more than once may notice the stale content. The important thing to keep in mind is that search engine bots that scour the web looking for intelligent life will notice your lack of activity and…Read more »

Typography Guide

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Type Guide Graphic
Content is still "king" and the way that content is displayed is equally important. Good typography creates interest in your content, adds to the flavor of the message and improves readability. This handy typography guide provides a breakdown of basic terms and examples of fonts and font usage.   Thanks to Uber Buttons for permission to reprint this…Read more »

Use Color to Improve Your Website Conversion

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button color psychology
How to use color to improve your website conversion During the last few decades psychology and neuroscience have repeatedly shown us that colors affect human emotions, attitudes and even actions! Web designers and UX experts decided to channel specific user behaviors, bringing focus to particular sections of the website or driving traffic to call-to-action buttons…Read more »

Presenting Your Financial Services Business Online

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At Executionists we have years of experience servicing the financial services industry. Our clients range from billion dollar mortgage and insurance companies to individual financial and investment experts. Following are some of the specific needs and requirements that differentiate the financial industry from many other types of businesses. Compliance: Regulations around financial data and service…Read more »

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

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Editors Note: we have updated this article for 2013, read the updated blog here. Scope Creep (also called requirement creep, feature creep, and sometimes kitchen sink syndrome) in project management refers to uncontrolled changes in a project's scope. This phenomenon can occur when the scope of a project is not properly defined, documented, or controlled.…Read more »

Rockin’ that tradeshow booth

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Booth Design DimEye
Though our core competency lies in the arena of web design & development, here at executionists, we look at the big picture and are fully capable of handling all of your visual branding and identity graphic needs. For example, our client DimEye trusts us to handle all of their logo design, print collateral, and booth…Read more »

PennyMac CRE Logo Development

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PennyMac Moorpark office logo
Executionists has had the good fortune to work with PennyMac since 2008. At that time they were about 50 people strong and a fledgling mortgage company. Now 9 years later they are the largest non-bank correspondent lender in the country and publicly traded on the NYSE.  We were commissioned with developing their first logo.  …Read more »