The Anatomy of a Great Project Manager

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project manager infographic
Regardless of your industry, your projects are comprised of many moving parts. At the hub is always some type of project manager, keeping everyone aligned on the final goal, on track, on time, on mission. The project progresses as smoothly as the project manager’s skills and composure allow. But what drives the project manager? What…Read more »

The Hamburger Approach to Online Success

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If someone dropped a plain hamburger patty and a cold bun on your plate would you find it appetizing? Probably not, even though the hamburger patty is the main component of the burger, it’s the other ingredients that add the flavor and make the whole burger so delicious. In the Hamburger Approach, the hamburger patty…Read more »

What the Mongols Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

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mongol and hacker
In the 1200's, the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, attacked and pillaged hundreds of cities in their raids across the steppes of Central Asia. These cities were attacked multiple times over a period of years, each time failing to adequately prepare for the next attack. History repeats itself because the mindset of these city rulers…Read more »

The teacher explained that we don’t actually kill people.

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funny kids letter
Recently we stumbled upon, a website that allows people to donate funds to specific schools and teachers. Executionists donated art supplies to one of our local schools, Marina Del Rey Middle School, Ms. Castanada's 7th-grade class. The supplies were used to complete an after-school project "Let's Paint the Beauty of the Ocean." As a thank you, the…Read more »

Executionists Menu of Website Costs & Services

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Menu of Web Services
You’ll rarely find prices on the websites of web design and development agencies. One reason for this is because so many relevant factors are outside of the agency’s control. There is a lot of variability among clients and their project plans. That said, there are a multitude of companies that offer one-size-fits-all website solutions. These…Read more »

The Vanishing Developer

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Brandon & Owings were the best lawyers in the tri-state area. Their firm, B&O Law, needed a better website. B&O interviewed several web agencies as well some lone programmers.  They received proposals ranging from $7,000 to $30,000. Finally, they decided on the lowest bid from a local website developer who seemed enthusiastic and skilled. The…Read more »

The Creeping Scope

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Gwen was excited. Her $15,000 website proposal was accepted by her new client, LazloTherapy. It was a fixed bid project but the scope was simple enough, Gwen smiled to herself as she thought about what she’d do with the profit. First, she’d get a massage. Then, maybe a trip to the Caribbean. She hadn’t taken…Read more »

The Viagra Code

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The bright morning sun streamed through the open window of Robert Langston’s office at his toy manufacturing company. His great-grandfather had started the business from a pushcart, and Robert had proudly led the family business into the modern era with e-commerce and a worldwide customer base. Robert sat at his desk, reading an email from…Read more »

6 Scariest Web Mistakes

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6 web mistakes
Happy Halloween! In this time of year when monsters and ghouls run rampant, and people go out of their way to be frightened, it is important to differentiate “good” fear from “bad” fear. Don’t scare your users away with these scary web scenarios. Increase your sales and conversions with a few easy changes. 1) The…Read more »