Magento V.S. Shopify

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We are very familiar with both the Magento and Shopify ecommerce solutions. Magento is the great for customized, high-traffic websites. Shopify is great for being powerful, affordable and low-maintenance. Check out this cool infographic from our friends over at Mofluid and become more familiar with the benefits and issues with each. In general, our Magento…Read more »

If My Website Works, Why Should I Care If It’s Hacked?

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I was enjoying a flight of Belgium beers at the local Yard House with my friend Jayme Check, a business management consultant at Quantum Leap.  I was telling him about a new series of website maintenance services we are offering. The services center on updating and maintaining websites built on Wordpress, Magento and Drupal platforms…Read more »

Why Web Designers Are Switching From Magento Go To Shopify

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shopify vs. magento go
Editors Note: Today we are featuring a guest blog post from The Genie Lab, a website development and design company based in Newport & Cardiff, South Wales.  Across the lake, over at Executionists, we are familiar with both Magento and Shopify frameworks and we are also featured as one of Shopify's Setup Experts on their…Read more »

Website Maintenance, or, how do I drive this thing?

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Our bread & butter is designing (or redesigning) & programming websites for businesses of various sizes. Our clients range from family-owned small businesses to large financial enterprises. Our projects include content management system-based sites built in WordPress and Drupal and Magento-based E-commerce sites. These platforms are meant to be more user-friendly than a hard-coded HTML…Read more »