Don’t Build an LMS from Scratch

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When do you need an LMS (Learning Management System)? Answer: If you are trying to create a website or business with an online learning component that includes lessons, tests, certificates linked to a fee, then you need an LMS. "Learning management systems range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing…Read more »

Don’t get hacked! Update your WordPress plugins before it’s too late.

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hacked wordpress
It used to be that hackers targeted corporate websites containing sensitive financial or customer information such as credit card numbers and personal information. In recent years, several of our small business clients with relatively simple informational websites have been hacked by malicious software. Hackers write code that automatically scans the web and identifies vulnerabilities within websites running older, expired software. Once a weak…Read more »

Content is Queen: Strategies for Creating Compelling Website Content

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content is queen
As the senior project manager here at Executionists, I’ve held many clients’ proverbial hands through the web development process. We, the web designers and developers, are thoroughly linear in our thinking: here’s our process, here’s what we need, when we need it, thank you very much. However, I’ve found over the years that clients can…Read more »

WordPress 4.0 – better, but what if you’re WordPressphobic?

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benny, wp4.0
WordPress, the most popular website and blogging framework in the world, just released version 4.0, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Wordpress 4.0 includes several needed improvements but we doubt if this will encourage many of our clients to crack the admin and manage their own content. "There are 2 types…Read more »

Helping non-profits save money with sound content management platforms

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We’re rapidly becoming a go-to shop for helping non-profits take their web presence to the next level. Recently we worked with Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation, an organization dedicated to combating obesity and bringing fitness and health to middle and high school students nationwide. They came to us with a website that had only a…Read more »

Improve Customer Communications with Content Marketing Today

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Customer Communications Content Marketing
Content marketing is about customer-focused conversations. But as the Content Marketing Institute points out, customers have tuned out traditional sales messaging. They bypass TV commercials with DVRs, Netflix, or Hulu. They download podcasts and plug in iPods to bypass commercial radio and install popup blockers on their Internet devices. Why are they doing this? Because…Read more »

Our 4(.0) Favorite Updates for WordPress 4.0

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WordPress 4.0
Wordpress 4.0 is scheduled to release on August 13th, 2014.  One of our favorite CMS’s is getting a litany of new features that will improve the user experience. In this article I’ll be discussing some of our favorite new features and how to give 4.0 a test drive.   Wordpress 4.0 contains many enhancements that…Read more »

Case Study: Border Grill Restaurants

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Background: Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger are celebrated chefs who have been operating restaurants together and independently for decades. When the project was initiated, there were two static, html websites co-mingled together serving content, one for the restaurants and one for their blog and cookbooks. We worked closely with their IT Director, Peter Barrett,…Read more »

Case study: and

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lido advisors financial case study
Background: Lido Advisors is a Beverly Hills-based financial services firm specializing in ultra-high net worth individuals and families. They operate two distinct consulting groups focused on different market segments and have satellite offices in Dallas, San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe (CA), Colorado, and New York City.   Components: Website redesign/development Responsive design Hosting technical support…Read more »

Put Some Business Ops on the Cloud

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Cloud Business Services
Is your business using any cloud-based services? Chances are pretty good that it is. Anyone who has a Gmail or Yahoo account is doing it even if they still use their home-based Office package. Furthermore, they use the cloud if they check their bank balance or pay their bills online. The cloud is useful in…Read more »