Case Study: PennyMac Financial Services and PennyMac Loan Services


PennyMac Loan Services is a rapidly growing mortgage originator and servicer that functions as a division of PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. (PFSI). Executionists has been working with PennyMac since their launch as a startup in 2008. Over the years, we have been their go-to agency for branding, design, development, and social media strategies. We’ve taken their website through various iterations and platforms as well. As of 2014, we are handling design for various divisions of PFSI.


Website Design/Development

  • Interface Design
  • Programming
  • Testing and QA


  • Drupal / PHP
  • HTML / CSS
  • HubSpot  inbound marketing software platform


Our initial project in this partnership was to design and build a website that would transmit a message of integrity and trustworthiness for a brand new mortgage provider. Over time, as the business grew, we were tasked with redesigning a more robust website for the Drupal CMS platform that would integrate with various 3rd party tools and rate feeds. We have been providing ongoing branding and design support for various corporate divisions, initiatives, and marketing programs. Recently, we’ve also been providing social media support, reputation management, and custom responsive design and implementation on the HubSpot platform.



We have been the designers of choice for PennyMac for website design, logos and branding, landing pages and email templates. We work within their guidelines to create work that is consistent across the brand, optimized for the user experience, supports marketing goals and serves the UI requirements. We have created new web pages and branding for the parent company, PFSI, as well as for internal divisions such as the REIT, the Correspondent Acquisition Group, and PennyMac Loan Services. You can see PennyMac in our portfolio here.


The initial website, built in 2008, was a static HTML project. Subsequently, in 2012, PennyMac transitioned to a Drupal-based site to facilitate internal content management and we provided all the visual design and participated in the development efforts. The next iteration (2014) will be a mobile-responsive site and Executionists will provide the visual design.


The current site contains pages that are hosted both in Drupal and in HubSpot, a lead management platform. We are continually iterating our designs to incorporate new features and to promote new products and programs. We have also been engaged in social media and reputation management. We have implemented strategies to spread the word that most PennyMac clients have a genuinely positive experience with the company, despite its explosive growth over the last few years.

When we were a startup, we came to Executionists with an impossible task: ‘build us a website, but we are going to give you fairly limited direction, ever-changing content and almost none of our time, and by the way, you better have the best pricing too’. They worked with us through creative differences, indecision on content and constantly moving timelines. Unfazed, our partners at the Executionists pulled together and made it happen.  The site has gotten raves from the rest of our employees and we met our timeline for the launch of the company.  I cannot recommend this team enough and look forward to a long-standing relationship.  The name says it all.”

John Vergara, PennyMac USA

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: December 4, 2015