Bye INBOUND 2014, Hello INBOUND 2015

Launched in 2011, INBOUND is designed for forward thinking marketing agencies and small businesses. The INBOUND tagline is: Come Together. Get Inspired. Be Remarkable. The format was originated by HubSpot, a marketing software company located in the Cambridge area of Boston.

Originally held at the Hynes Center in Boston from 2011-2013 INBOUND has outgrown that facility and as of 2014 is now hosted at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). The first INBOUND conference in 2011 attracted about 1300 attendees. INBOUND 2014 had over 10,000 registrants in attendance which is both a reflection of HubSpot’s success and a barometer for the exploding level of interest inbound marketing has attained in the last few years. In fact the term “inbound marketing” was actually coined by HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shaw back in 2005.

For readers not familiar with HubSpot Marketing Software I will be happy to provide a free consultation or a demo to show you just how awesome the HubSpot platform is for small businesses seeking to create marketing magic and accelerated their business growth. Viewing HubSpot customer growth as a reference for the success of the company – as of January 2015 HubSpot has over 11,000 customers in 65 countries!


HubSpot Customer Growth

The Inbound Conference Format

The conference format features Keynotes, Bold Talks, Inbound Stories, Experts and Insights as well as HubSpot Deep Dives, Ask Me Anything Sessions, FutureM Sessions, plus Partner and CMO Tracks. Featured keynote speakers for 2014 included, Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Sinek, Guy Kawasaki, Martha Stewart, Shiza Shahid and HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shaw. For networking and entertainment activities during the 4 day event there’s Club INBOUND, HubSpot HQ, Happy Hours and an Inbound Rocks concert which featured Janelle Monet last year!


Janelle Monet at Inbound 2014

Inbound 2015 – Information and Updates:

INBOUND 2015 is scheduled for September 8-11, 2015 and will take place at the BCEC again as I mentioned above. To learn more about last year’s event and to get updates on what’s coming up this year visit the INBOUND website. If you’re an online marketer or a small business seeking to get a jump on your competition I highly recommend that you plan on attending INBOUND 2015. You won’t be disappointed.

HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015 Top Ten Tips List:

Marketing Communications Specialist at the Bose Corporation, Anita Letendre Rogers created a Top Ten Tips list for navigating HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 and the Boston Convention Exhibition Center she shared via LinkedIn which I will pass along – as it offers INBOUND 2015 attendees some very useful advice.

1) Easy: Meeting rooms are numbered by floor beginning with the first digit – i.e. Room 252 is on the second floor. This was pretty easy to figure out.

2) Helpful: Meeting rooms on the west side (facing downtown Boston) are lower numbers. Level One: Rooms 101-109; Level Two: 203-213. Note: Rooms 201/202 are adjacent to the Level Two north lobby (the bow of the ship).

3) Helpful: Meeting rooms on the east side (facing The Westin) are higher numbers. Ground Level: Rooms 50-54; Level One: Rooms 150-162; Level Two: Rooms 251-261.

4) Helpful: There are two skybridges on Level One. Use them to move between the east and west sides of the building. This is usually much faster than walking all around the building perimeter.

5) Good to Know: There are 9 entrances into the building. Three of these are on the Ground Level (East side) and five of these are on Level One (main entrance into North Lobby and side entrances on both East and West sides). You can also access or exit from the Second Level (East side) from the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

6) Need to Know: Download the “MyBCEC” mobile app for interactive floor plans, dining and travel info. I would have killed for this! It is now on my phone and ready for next year…

7) Need to Know: There are touch-screen kiosks located throughout the BCEC to help you find your way around – they know that it is not easy! You can find your meeting room, check your flight status, download the free myBCEC app, pick a restaurant and more…. I did not see these, probably because I was moving too fast…

8) Another Tip: It is crazy getting out of the Exhibit Hall C after the various Keynote speakers. Quicker exit strategy includes getting a seat on the right side of the room and escaping the crowd by catching a ride on the escalator that will shoot you out on the west side of Level One. If your session happens to be on the East side of the building, take the closest Skybridge over from the lobby.

9) You may want to know this: Black house phones are located throughout the BCEC and offer complimentary local and toll free calls.

10) Only if you need it: There is full service FedEx office and business center on Level One (West side of the North Lobby) where you can make copies, print, scan, fax and even ship a package.


HubSpot HQ at Inbound 2014

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