How Much Does A Website Cost? Budgeting Checklist & Calculator

What types of expenses should you anticipate when budgeting for a business website? This overview will break down the cost categories and provides a handy spreadsheet for you to use when calculating your website costs.

Note: For most of our examples below, we are assuming a small-business marketing website (no e-commerce) of about 10 – 20 pages. We are also assuming that on-shore, freelancer rates range from $50 – $100/Hr and Web Agency rates range from $100 – $200/Hr.

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website cost checklist



Domain Name: If you don’t have it already, go to Google domains or Godaddy. You’ll spend approximately $1 – $12 per year for the URL of your website. If the website URL you want is not available, you may be able to find it through a domain name broker, but expect to pay a lot for it.

website cost of hosting

Hosting: Unless your business requires a lot of bandwidth, this should be one of your lowest expenses. Basic hosting can range from $5 – $50 a month. Most hosting companies include email with your account, or you can purchase it at a small additional cost. We prefer Pantheon hosting for our clients due to the added security and extra developer features ($25/Month). We also prefer Gmail and the Google application suite for many of our core business needs. 

website cost of backups



Backups: Sometimes backups are included with hosting plans. If not, you can purchase a backup plan starting at $5/Month through a variety of service providers. It’s cheap insurance and definitely recommended. We have a video that discusses this and other website “hard costs” if you want to learn more.

website strategy cost



Website Strategy:Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” This task includes the website Definition or Scope process. Basically, you will need the help of professionals to determine what features you require and how best to present your business online. A Digital Marketing Agency should lead this effort since they will consider your brand and the competitive landscape in their recommendations. Strategy for a small business website can take from one day to a week, or more to complete. Strategists usually include higher-level professionals, so you can expect to pay more per hour for their guidance. Want more info? check out this video on website Definition.

web branding cost



Logo / Branding: A logo and other branding is required for your business. If you already have your brand formatted for online, the cost could be $0. If you need to develop a logo and online branding, you can pay anywhere from $500 – $2,000 and up. For information on brand style guides, check out this video.

website content creation costs



Content Creation:Content is king”. Don’t forget it. Your website visitors are going to judge you on the quality and appropriateness of your content to answer their needs. Your website is composed of different types of content. The cost of each of these can vary wildly based on your business goals. Here is a list of the possible content you will need to create. For content creation tips, check out our website content video.

Text: Everyone fancies themselves a writer, but can they write compelling content that will motivate website visitors to action? A professional writer can edit rough content that you provide and create new content based on your input. We recommend that everyone have a copywriter review of their content. Copywriters charge from $50 – $120/Hour. You can estimate that it will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to review and edit a page of rough copy (250 – 300 words). 

Graphics: These are illustrations that could break down a process or complex idea. Illustrations can also be brand-related. Icons are also considered to be graphics. You can hire a professional designer to create custom graphics, or you can use stock art graphics at a cost of $10 – $50 each. A simple website graphic can take 1/2 hour to 3+ hours to complete.

Photography: Common images you may want include: headshots of the company team, images of your facilities, products, etc. Professional photographers can range from $500 – $2,000 a day. Photo retouching may be additional. Stock photography can be a low-cost and adequate alternative for banner and branding purposes ($10 – $50 each). Make sure you own the license to use the stock image, otherwise you may get a phone call from the lawyers over at Getty Images.

Videography: More websites are depending on video to deliver their message. A professional videographer may charge between $1,000 – $3,000 for a simple one – two-minute video. If you are just looking to add some extra punch to your brand, you could use a silent stock video loop in the background of your web page. Stock video starts at about $50 each.

business website cost interface design



Interface Design: How do you place a fixed price on something subjective like design? This is easy. Our estimates are based on our process and an outline of creative deliverables. Once we have the website strategy, we can estimate the number of hours it will take to design an appropriate look for the business. Yes, you can find offshore designers for $20 an hour. Needless to say, that is not recommended. Also, remember that your mobile website differs from your desktop version, which also needs to be designed. For our hypothetical small business website, we are assuming 20 – 30 hours of interface design required.

programming costs

Programming: The cost of programming depends on the complexity of the features on your website. In the planning stage, you should have generated a website scope outline and other documents that will guide the website programmer. Offshore programmers can be found for $20 an hour; local web programmers and agencies could charge up to $200 an hour. Since programming is a critical requirement, it’s best not to bargain-hunt. For the purposes of our business website, we are assuming 40 – 50 hours of programming. 

business website cost content entry



Content Entry: Depending on the amount of content you have, this can take several hours to many days. Content entry can be done by the client with the right training via the CMS (content management system), or by a lower cost individual. Estimate spending $30 – $60/Hour. For a 10 – 20 page website, we estimate 8 – 16 hours.

business website seo prices



SEO: All websites should implement an SEO strategy prior to launch. SEO keywords and meta tags will need to be applied to all key website pages. Google Analytics should also be installed. The cost varies depending on the number of website pages. We can safely assume 4 – 8 hours for a small business website to set up the basic SEO.

business website testing cost



Testing: Testing is a separate function from programming. You will want a separate person to test the website on a variety of browsers and mobile devices to ensure that everything is looking and functioning correctly. Cost for testing depends on the complexity of your website. A website tester may charge from $50 – $100/Hour. Note: whatever issues your testers find will need to go back to the programmers to fix.

business website maintenance cost

Maintenance: Maintenance will be taken care of post-launch. Maintenance will be required to keep your website framework up-to-date and reduce the potential of hacking. For more information on small business maintenance services click here. You can also watch our website maintenance video to learn more

business website cost marketing pricing



Marketing: Ongoing marketing (post-launch) is essential for maintaining and increasing visibility. Once again, the costs vary exponentially depending on how proactive you want to be. For more information on small business marketing services, click here. We also have a video on website conversions that you may find interesting.




Enter in the approximate number of hours and your anticipated cost, or annual item cost, in order to get the website estimated cost.

TasksNumber /HoursCost /HourTotals
Domain Name$$0.00
Hosting/1 Year$$0.00
Backups/ 1 Year$$0.00
Website Strategy$$0.00
Content Creation
     Text Content$$0.00
Interface Design$$0.00
Content Entry$$0.00
Total website:$0.00
Post launch
Maintenance/1 Year$$0.00
Marketing/ 1 Year$$0.00
Total Post Launch:$0.00

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: October 29, 2016