BGA Insurance Website Launched

We recently launched a newly designed website for BGA Insurance, a B2B insurance services firm based in Orange County, CA.

Barry Zimmermann, the president, and co-founder of BGA Insurance had started working with a developer on a new site but was disappointed in the professionalism and lack of responsiveness of that vendor. Their previous website was basically one long page with modal features and some secure content only accessible to logged-in users.

The new site breaks up the content into various sections, with more user-friendly account creation and easy login functionality. Content specific to the BGA sales pipeline is behind the login barrier, so visitors are compelled to create an account in order to access the rich panoply of quote tools and documentation.

The new site also features a more sophisticated design scheme to communicate the professionalism and solidity of the business to potential brokers.

bga insurance page design

The website includes an event section for webinars, training sessions, and face to face events. There is a Giving Back page to showcase the firm’s charitable activities. Resources is the page with most of the broker-related content, some of which is only accessible to logged-in registered site users (“members”). There is also a new blog to give them a platform to share SEO-rich white papers and industry-related articles. The team page has been redone as well to showcase the leadership and executives.

The website (see our case study here)  is built in a mobile-optimized framework. We incorporate baseline SEO, including metadata and keywords on the top pages, 301 redirects from the old website, and Google Analytics tracking. We also offer post-launch website maintenance support to help keep the website at the most current version for WordPress, plugins, and PHP.

BGA Insurance opted to host the site with our partner for their secure “docker” container server configurations and easy development workflow.

If your financial services organization is in need of a new website and has questions about how best to proceed, contact Executionists.

Rachel Panush
by Rachel Panush
Rachel is the Senior Lead Project Manager at Executionists Inc. in Marina del Rey, CA.
Posted: December 18, 2018