6 Ways Website Redesign Can Help Your Business

You may not be thrilled about the cost and energy that goes into a web redesign. The good news, however, is that redesign is a valuable opportunity to transition your site into a more powerful online business tool that drives your organization into the future.


The intended outcome of any redesign for our clients is:


reasons for redesign


Your clients and customers interact with sophisticated, modern and intuitive websites every day. Whether it’s social media, e-commerce or news, your client’s standards have evolved with these platforms. If your site isn’t current, it may signal to the user that your company is outdated. You don’t want your business to be successful in spite of your website. You want your website to be propelling your business upward.website redesign benefits diagram

Because your website sits at the intersection of your business environment and technology – both of which are in constant flux- website redesigns are inevitable.


Over the past 20 years we have redesigned hundreds of websites for businesses with diverse needs from a variety of industries. Here are 6 proven ways a website redesign can help elevate your business:

Increase Effective Communication
93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. By communicating your values more effectively through brand color integration, logo and messaging, your ideal client can instantly identify your company as the potential solution to their problem.


Stay Relevant
Like your business, design trends change; a redesign is an opportunity to catch up. Getting rid of generic, outdated stock art and replacing it with better graphics can significantly increase traffic to your website.


Improve Usability
How long a potential client stays on your web page- and if they stay at all– is determined by how user-friendly your web design is. We’ve found that as businesses continually add content to their website without properly organizing it, usability declines. Doing a redesign can streamline both your content and features.


Highlight New Products and Service
Focus the redesigned website around new products and services.


Use Technology That Engages (and Retains) Your Audience
New technology can be integrated to make your website more useful to visitors. The addition of interactive maps, product finders, service widgets, mobile features, etc., can make your website more “sticky” and effective.


Increase Your Impact
On the marketing side, there are tools to better market your products and services to new audiences. SEO can be updated to include new search terms. Improved marketing plugins, such as social media features, CRM integration, and user tracking can be added during the redevelopment of your website.


Here is our handy infographic on website redesign benefits:

benefits of website redesign why redesign graphic

To watch our in-depth series on redesign, you can access videos here.


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Website Redesign Conclusion

As you can see from the above examples, a redesign helps solve real business issues and results in better online presence. Despite its advantages, a website redesign has to be done strategically, taking into account a variety of factors that include: business goals, technology, the competitive landscape, and marketing strategy. This series of articles and accompanying videos were created to help businesses understand the necessity of, and best-practices process for approaching a redesign so that optimal results can be achieved.

This redesign series also features 6 companion videos, below is a list of their titles and descriptions:

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: August 25, 2017