Richard Parr

Richard is an award-winning Creative Director with over 20 years of experience in interactive design, and digital marketing. He has won over 30 awards for creative media solutions. In his role as Creative Director, Richard establishes the overall design for each project and works with the creative team to develop it through completion aligned with his vision. Richard also helps to conceptualize the project execution strategy based on client business goals.


Dhobie Wong

Dhobie is one of the best assets for any business. An experienced business analyst and professional consultant, she is able to work from 50,000 foot views to a pinpoint focus. With an MBA and a LEAN/SIX SIGMA Green belt, Dhobie excels at seeing patterns and connecting the dots.  Whether it’s reviewing client business goals, charting a firmer course to ROI, or advising on internal processes, she is quick to grasp underlying revenue, cost and profit drivers.  When she’s not creating organizational alignment, you will probably find her on an elliptical listening to Freakonomics or Planet Money.


Rachel Panush

Rachel has deep experience bringing projects and businesses to fruition. With expertise in marketing and client services, she is an insightful asset, able to identify key priorities and communicate clearly with all members of the team. Her organizational and critical thinking skills add value to any project. Rachel’s excellent editing and copy writing finesse is also on tap should your project require an eagle-eyed wordsmith with marketing savvy. Rachel has been with Executionists since 2011 directing teams and leading projects. She speaks French and Italian and knows something about everything in the universe.


Johann D.

Johann is a behind-the-scenes technician-magician with a breadth of expertise that spans CMS platforms, cloud hosting, databases, CRMs, e-commerce, and best practices in security, and technical architecture. He earned a BA from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a member of the Washington State Bar as an ADR professional. Johann’s real world business experience in operations, inventory, and personnel management makes him a valuable asset to our clients. He is a published author, can order wine in six languages, and enjoys life on his 100% electric-powered sailboat.


Eric Schoner

Eric leads our design efforts with his skills in web design, typography, illustration, digital imaging, photography and motion graphics. He is skilled in the Adobe suite of design applications. Eric can jump from web to mobile to print and manages multiple projects, from small business to Fortune 1000 companies. He is a bike enthusiast with a cute dog named Roxy.


Peter Mansfield

Under Peter’s direction, M+A quickly established itself as a leading LA strategic marketing agency servicing technology and non-profit organizations. Peter has also served in senior marketing and management roles at Kodak U.K., Ltd., and John Lewis Ltd., the United Kingdom’s fastest growing retail department store chain. Peter provides executionists with high-level marketing strategies based on product launches and successful startups including Brand3, PropertyBridge, BillFloat, and Marqeta.


Alexis Milne

Alexis is detail-oriented, client-focused, and communicates clearly to all stakeholders. She works with new clients, and assists existing clients with the maintenance and growth of their online presence. Alexis earned a BA in psychology from California State University, Northridge and is CPR and EMT-certified, which could come in handy in a crisis!


Buya Bat

Buya is from Ulanbaatar, Mongolia where he founded Metawise LLC, based on a proprietary CMS he designed, called Metawise, currently in use by over 200 clients. Buya knows his way around JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and other CMS frameworks, PHP, Photoshop, UI/UX, graphics, SEO, system administration, e-commerce and more. Buya also taught IT classes and web design. He has an MBA, and is a native speaker of Mongolian.  


Conrad Julian

Conrad is a seasoned coder with 15+ years of experience in web development. Conrad's expertise encompasses all major PHP frameworks, with a focus on WordPress and Drupal. His breadth of knowledge, and can-do attitude makes him a valuable technical asset. Conrad has an extensive network of programmers that partner with Executionists to deliver client projects on time and on budget.