7 Ways Infographics Can Add Value To Your Content And Drive Results

Infographics are among the most effective means to create content, combining the power of text and the visual appeal of graphics into one informative and entertaining package.

More importantly, Infographics make a great addition to your digital marketing toolbox, allowing merchants to comprehensively deliver their brand message without disorienting the visitor. Currently, infographics are an interesting commodity in digital marketing, complimenting both SEO and your content marketing in different ways. According to science, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than text, which makes infographics a vital asset to your content marketing strategy. While the imperative of infographics is irrefutable, marketers often ask how exactly these pieces of content impact their content output and drive results. In this article, we will share seven ways in which infographics add value to your content and increase conversions rates of your store.

1. Establish Connection with your Readers

Infographics serve a direct path to connect with your audiences and educate them with helpful information. Since 65% of people are visual learners, infographics help spread awareness about the latest trends with visual assistance, providing valuable statistics and key information your audience seeks. This builds a sense of value with your brand as the information from your infographic gets cited from one channel to the other during verbal discussions, online sharing and other means to sending.

2. Build Backlinks

Infographics make an essential ingredient to your SEO recipe, allowing online merchants to generate editorial backlinks and get organic exposure for their online presence. To leverage from its SEO benefits, marketers practice outreach activities to gain exclusive coverage from top tier publishers who are more than willing to offer their platform to your infographic, especially if you give them first-publication rights. This helps generate huge amounts of traffic to your pages and stimulates the growth of your brand in the market. Digital marketing experts believe that by 2020, voice notes and images will take around 50% of online searches.

3. Simplify Complex Information

Mixing symbols, diagrams, graphs or other visual elements with text increases the chances of your content being noticed by your readers. Basically, infographics allow you to take on hot topics, tackle any current event, and explain different concepts that are quite difficult to understand textually. This works best when you are presenting complex information that already has a high likelihood to lose the reader’s interest. By converting it into Infographics you not only explain your content better but help your audience retain it with specific details. 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual.

4. Email Marketing

Using infographics in your emailers and newsletters can drive great results for your email campaigns. Since the human brain is far better geared to recognize and understand visuals than text, users not only open emails but also interact with them. This increases the probability of your content to reach out further and convert the target audience towards your business goal. One of the best ways to go about it is by

    • Highlighting your entire infographic in the newsletter
    • Creating segments of your infographic and write auto-responder email on them
    • Introducing any publication that has your infographic featured

5. Improving Engagement on Social Media

One of the most attractive things about infographics is they can be easily cut up, sliced, and repackaged to smaller digestible bits and shared on social media. This allows brands to create targeted content for their posts and back it up with statistical data from their infographic cuttings. According to a recent survey, tweets with images get retweeted 150% more than tweets absent with images. Similarly, Facebook posts with images get 200% more engagement than posts without images.

6. Make Your Website More Attractive

As we mentioned earlier how the human brain chooses visual stimuli over plain text, online visitors vastly prefer websites that have more visual content than those that are predominantly bland with text. According to research, websites that feature infographics in their content are at an advantage of receiving 10% more traffic than those without them. While it doesn’t imply that written content is redundant in digital marketing, mixing visuals with it can increase the conversion potential by several folds. In a recent study, it was found that adding color visuals increases the willingness of your audience to read your content by 80%.

7. Optimize Your Conversions

Combined with a ‘Call to Action’ (CTA), infographics can amplify your sales strategy by serving as a powerful conversion trigger. CTAs are a piece of text or phrase usually embedded with checkout form link for encouraging customers to convert. Using strategic placement, the right color scheme, and compelling content, you can create a rich appeal for the visitor and add value to your sales pitch.
Since infographics are built around statistical data, they present a sound proposition to the reader, providing empirical reasoning that helps influence purchase decisions.

Executionists are experts in creating meaningful infographics and simplifying complex concepts. If you need a custom infographic created, contact us.


Author Bio: Mirza Irfan works as Lead Writer at FME Extensions. He has a growing passion for helping people find turn-key solutions for online marketing and has written numerous blogs on science, technology, digital marketing, and business strategy. You can find him on LinkedIn.

Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: May 12, 2019