4 Ways to Market Your Brand through Facebook

In the next five years, social marketing budgets are expected to double. In fact, according to WebDam.com, more than half of all marketers last year said they’ve found customers through using Facebook. These are telling statements that underline the importance of using social media—like Facebook—to boost your business’ brand. Businesses have been able to advertise through Facebook for free, however, that might be changing in the next few years, as Facebook is already making changes to steer businesses toward paid advertising. Thus, it is wise to create a short-term marketing plan that takes advantage of this free service while it’s still available as well as creating a long-term plan that prepares your business for when Facebook’s policies change.

A short-term plan should be implemented right away and should include the following:

Photos, Photos, Photos

A photo-complemented post can be processed 60,000 times faster by a person’s brain than if it were just text. However, don’t just post a photo and hope for the best. Be savvy in using images to connect with readers and promote your business.

One business that excels at photo marketing through Facebook is TeeFury, a T-shirt printing company. Obviously, most of the company’s photos show T-shirts available for purchase, however, TeeFury often takes it one step further by posting photos of T-shirts in the making, a behind the scenes angle that is both visually intriguing and smart marketing as it gets potential buyers revved up for a new product coming out. It’s too often that companies push their product lines too hard and end up losing touch with the reason people follow them in the first place: for a personable connection.

Other creative ways to feature images on Facebook include posting throwback photos to celebrate milestones (i.e. post a photo of your business’s grand opening to commemorate the two-year anniversary) and showcasing your customers on your profile by having them submit photos of themselves with your product. Got a customer who is wearing your company’s logo while she was in Italy? Have her post it.

Use Your Voice for Good

Partnering with charities, raising awareness about social issues and getting involved in community philanthropy are all ways to connect with your audience while giving back and benefiting a bigger cause. For example, online identity protection service LifeLock recently teamed up with the National PTA to educate parents, teachers and kids about positive online habits and “good digital citizenship.” LifeLock attended the National PTA Convention last month, sharing photos from the event and including links to the National PTA’s Instagram account so fans could keep up with the convention in real time.

LifeLock’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Christina Zhao says, “By asking parents and leaders to share their favorite online safety tips, not only were we able to crowdsource countless new tips and insights, but we also generated more than 200 photos (posted on LifeLock’s Facebook page) that attendees can now share with their family and friends. Our educational approach seemed to strike the right chord with the audience, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who stopped by our booth.”

Utilize Facebook’s Insights Feature

Facebook Insights is great for feedback about how well your company’s Facebook page is doing as far as reader traffic. This recently updated feature gives you an idea of what’s popular—and unpopular—on your Facebook page, which can be quite useful for your marketing strategies. Located in your admin panel, the updated Facebook Insights includes a new Overview tab that shows statistics of likes, posts, new followers and engagements in a certain time period, so you can easily see what’s trending up and what’s trending down or if you need to ramp up your marketing savviness.

Think Big, Start Small

Even small businesses can learn a thing or two from giant corporations, such as Coca-Cola. A simple campaign can make a big difference in boosting your brand. For example, Coca-Cola’s “Hug Me” campaign held in Singapore was just getting people to actually hug a vending machine to get a free Coke drink. This gesture-based marketing strategy was not only unique, interesting and fun, but it was also a big hit on Facebook and other social media platforms, earning hundreds of thousands of shares and a lot of global attention.

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Posted: July 8, 2014