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Pet business is big business

Mauro Pet Care produces high quality, natural dog shampoos, and skin care products. This was a startup business with a variety of online and offline needs. Since we started working with Mauro Pet Care, they have placed their products in over 400 retail locations and 13 countries.

Packaging Design

We helped design all Mauro Pet Care’s packaging, including single-use, foil packs, boxed sample packs, and various bottle sizes ranging from 4 oz to gallons, as well as boxed sample packs. The product design is an elegant departure from typical pet shampoo products and stands out on the store shelf.

Website Design

The Mauro Pet Care website was built on a customized WordPress framework with WooCommerce for product sales. Besides complete product details and information on the natural ingredients, we include a distributor directory for their 400 retailers. We also support their social media channels.

Print Collateral

Any active product brand requires a variety of print collateral and advertising materials. Our design team has produced everything from labels for boxes to business cards, product information sheets, posters, brochures, window stickers, as well as a variety of printed promotional materials.

Print Ads

Our designers apply the Mauro Pet Care brand and imagery to various pet trade publication ads. The ads feature Mauro’s recognizable product line and other branding elements such as the signature Mauro spokesdog, an adorable papillon.

Social Media Marketing

Dog owners are a passionate and proud community. Their love of their pets and of quality products make them perfect for social media marketing. Our marketing team worked with Mauro Pet Care to setup and manage their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. On the email side, we maintain their email lists for sending out news and announcements.

Trade Shows

The pet care industry has several annual trade shows, SuperZoo and Global Pet Expo, for which Mauro Pet Care requires custom collateral and promotional strategies. We develop printed materials for trade show sales and support. We also maintain an email database of attendees for pre- and post-show marketing campaigns.

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