Google Data Studio – Example Report

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data studio marketing
Simplifying complex marketing data with custom Data Studio reports One complaint we often hear from potential clients is that their marketing company provides little insight into what they are doing and what the results are. These business owners feel that they are throwing money into a bottomless marketing pit. Fortunately, most websites these days have Google…Read more »

Smart Marketing Reports with Google Data Studio

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google data studio strategy
There is an overwhelming amount of marketing data available to business owners and marketers. How can the small business owner sift through this complex data and focus on the actionable items that can affect ROI? Over 50 million websites rely on Google Analytics as their preferred marketing insight solution. It’s extremely powerful and dense. Just the basic Audience Overview page…Read more »

Don’t get hacked! Update your WordPress plugins before it’s too late.

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hacked wordpress
It used to be that hackers targeted corporate websites containing sensitive financial or customer information such as credit card numbers and personal information. In recent years, several of our small business clients with relatively simple informational websites have been hacked by malicious software. Hackers write code that automatically scans the web and identifies vulnerabilities within websites running older, expired software. Once a weak…Read more »

Estimating for Website Visual Design

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cost of design process only
How do web agencies establish the cost for website interface design? The way the website looks, the visual design, is a critical component of website development. This article covers how many agencies approach and estimate the cost of the visual design phase. On either side of this equation, it can be tricky to get web design costs right. How…Read more »

Do You Need Another “You”?

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If you are like most of business owners I know, you are stretched way too thin. Not only do you manage your team and process, you are also your company's primary salesperson, marketeer, and strategist. How many times have you said, “if I could just clone myself, my business would be so much more successful”? Well… it…Read more »

Update, Manage, and Review!

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update your IT
Updates In real estate they say “Location, Location, Location!” For IT systems it should be “Update, Update, Update!”  Operating Systems, applications, browsers, hardware firmware, printer drivers, video drivers, NIC drivers – literally every device and every program requires constant, consistent patching. There are even updates to the updaters! Updates address issues from bug fixes and…Read more »

Is your website ‘all about you’?

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website focus
If your B2B website was created to inform visitors about what you do and how great you are, you might be missing the mark. Why talking about yourself doesn’t work. It might be tough to take, but frankly, the market doesn’t care about you or your business. Well, if at all, very little. For a…Read more »

What the Mongols Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

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mongol and hacker
In the 1200's, the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, attacked and pillaged hundreds of cities in their raids across the steppes of Central Asia. These cities were attacked multiple times over a period of years, each time failing to adequately prepare for the next attack. History repeats itself because the mindset of these city rulers…Read more »

WordPress 4.0 – better, but what if you’re WordPressphobic?

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benny, wp4.0
WordPress, the most popular website and blogging framework in the world, just released version 4.0, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Wordpress 4.0 includes several needed improvements but we doubt if this will encourage many of our clients to crack the admin and manage their own content. "There are 2 types…Read more »

Improve Customer Communications with Content Marketing Today

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Customer Communications Content Marketing
Content marketing is about customer-focused conversations. But as the Content Marketing Institute points out, customers have tuned out traditional sales messaging. They bypass TV commercials with DVRs, Netflix, or Hulu. They download podcasts and plug in iPods to bypass commercial radio and install popup blockers on their Internet devices. Why are they doing this? Because…Read more »