How Much Does A Website Cost in 2017?

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how much website cost in 2017?
Anyone can build a website for cheap but how much does it cost to build an effective business website, one that will work for you and grow your business? This 2017 article on website costs lists different types of websites, associated budgets and illuminates what separates an effective website from an ineffective one. STOP - If…Read more »

Business Website – Budgeting Checklist

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calculating web budget
What types of expenses should you anticipate when budgeting for a business website? This overview will break down the cost categories and provides a handy spreadsheet for you to use when calculating your website costs.   Note: for most of our examples below we are assuming a small-business marketing website (no ecommerce) of about 10 - 20…Read more »

Pros and Cons of Using a Website Template for Your Small Business

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small business website costs
Is it wrong to base your small business website on a template? We are often asked about the pros and cons of using web templates. These are essentially pre-made websites with a variety of page layouts already configured. All these website templates are missing is the specific business content and imagery that represent your brand. The…Read more »

How Much Does a Website Cost in 2016?

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web costs in 2016 thumbnail
You will learn about how web companies charge for their services. We’ll also dig into what different types of websites cost. We’ll explain how to prepare for an efficient, cost-effective website development process. This article is based on over eighteen years of experience in this field. Ok – let’s begin: How do website design agencies…Read more »

Don’t Build an LMS From Scratch

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When do you need an LMS (Learning Management System)? Answer: If you are trying to create a website or business with an online learning component that includes lessons, tests, certificates linked to a fee, then you need an LMS. "Learning management systems range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing…Read more »

Website Estimate Inquiry Examples

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As a service business, we rely on our website to serve as a gateway for new business. In addition to providing comprehensive information about us, one of our primary website goals is to compel potential clients to submit our online Inquiry Form. We average about 100 inquiries a month via the website. We've noticed quite the range…Read more »

Social Media Ad Spend…Worth it or Not?

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social media ad spend
Have you been longing to get your brand in front of that very elusive 13-34 demographic? Are you trying to focus your marketing efforts to spark positive dialogue about your brand? Strategic use of social media advertising could be just the ticket! You should be collaborating with your digital marketing agency to determine where your customers are being engaged, how to reach them…Read more »

“How-To-Web” Video Series Debuts

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how to web video series
YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web. Businesses of all types can leverage video to extend their brand and increase engagement with their audience. To this end, we are pleased to announce our first video series on website strategy, design, development and maintenance called “1 Minute Breakdowns”. These short videos are…Read more »

Estimating for Website Visual Design

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cost of design process only
How do web agencies establish the cost for website interface design? The way the website looks, the visual design, is a critical component of website development. This article covers how many agencies approach and estimate the cost of the visual design phase. On either side of this equation, it can be tricky to get web design costs right. How…Read more »

Back to School – Estimating Website Costs for Student Inquiries

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business school assignment
Launching a website is an integral aspect of any new business, so it makes sense that business students are often required to estimate the cost of a website as part of coursework and projects. Several times a week, we receive calls from students who have searched online for insight into the question: “how much does…Read more »