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1.    More Brand Exposure. Having a mobile website is an additional channel for which customers can discover and familiarize them your brand. Unifying multiple channels can be a very effective and persuasive marketing strategy.

2.    Increase in Mobile Usage. Nearly 1/5 Americans are accessing the web daily, which means there are more opportunities for retailers. By 2012, one in two mobile subscribers will own a smartphone.

3.    Rise in Mobile Sales. Mobile web is being adopted at a rapid pace, it is predicted that in the next 5 years there will be more smartphone devices than desktops.

4.    Location Based Services.  Location-based services/ applications on smartphones help people connect more intimately. Additionally, location based services and features create competition, promote offers, and reward customers, ultimately driving traffic and sales.

5.    Increase in in-store traffic. Using location-based services, contact details, and/or reserve and collect services, retailers can drive foot traffic into their local shops.

6.   Keep Up with the Competition. People are adopting mobile web faster than companies are and that’s why it is essential to get a head start and represent your brand before your competitors do.

7.    Low Cost. Mobile websites are relatively inexpensive and economical; the cost of a mobile site is a lot less costly than a regular website.

8.    Appeal to Comparison Shoppers. With new SKU technologies and applications emerging, a person can take a picture of a bar code and find out what local retailer has the best price (same goes for description/name of a product).

9.    Budgets for Mobile Marketing Continue to Swell.  According to the Mobile Marketing Association where marketers were asked about their mobile marketing budgets for the rest of 2010 through 2011 results showed that marketers, on average, plan on increasing their mobile budget by 124%. This increase in budget allocation is consistent with the rapid growth of smartphone sales.

10.    Convenience.  Customers want convenience. Mobile web provides key information on the go- anytime, anywhere.

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