The Client is Always Right When…

1. They insist on copying Apple’s interface and ignore your alternate (more appropriate) design options.

2. They want their site search to be “simple – like Google’s” and within their budget of $500.

3. They think their “tiny edits” should only “take a few minutes”.

4. They think you can “slap together a social networking site” in a week.

5. They think you can control how fast their new site will be indexed by the search engines.

6. They think they can get to the top of Google by paying an SEO company $69.95 a month

7. They think that calling you every 5 minutes will get their project done quicker.

8. They think you have a development team ready and waiting for their “rush” project.

9. They think you can figure out their server and application setup without giving you the access or an IT person who gives a damn.

10. They dismiss the value of a project planning phase as a “waste of time and money”.

11. They want their website to work in ALL browsers, even Opera and IE 6.

12. They think if they “build it” people will flock to it even without a business plan or marketing strategy.

13. They think the world will implode if their logo is 1 pixel too far to the right.

14. They think they can write their own compelling site content even though they have no background in copy writing.

15. They are comparing your development services to their cousin Melvin who built a MySpace page for his band.

16. They want you to just “you know, come up with some copy” that sells their product even though you’re the designer.

17. They want everything on the page to “pop” more.

18. They want the buttons to have that “gel look,” even if the rest of the site has a different feel.

19. They want you to find that perfect photo for their site from stock photography.

20. Their only direction is, “They’ll know it when they see it.”

*Note: These examples do represent actual clients (although we will deny it if they confront us).  Feel free to comment with examples of your own “The Client is Always Right When…” experiences.

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