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who we are

executionists, inc. is an innovative creative agency specializing in design, development, marketing and client services.

Our Los Angeles based team
excels in executing strategic online solutions that focus on your business goals. Our flexible development process can be scaled to fit any project. This methodology has been successfully used on hundreds of online projects ranging from small business websites to applications for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Richard Parr
    Owner/Creative Director

    Richard has been working in the design industry since 1983. He founded executionists in 2005 as a full-service Web development agency with a focus on delivering thoughtful interface design and strategic online solutions for small to mid-size businesses in the Los Angeles area. Richard and his teams have won over 30 awards for creative design. If you call our office, you’ll probably talk with him, he’ll be happy to spend some time listening to your goals and and giving you a free consultation (he likes to talk).

  • Christian Quincy
    Senior Lead Developer

    As our in-house technical lead, Christian oversees the programming teams, R & D, and troubleshooting of all our projects. He has expertise in PHP-based, content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. He is also experienced with the Magento ecommerce platform. Christian is adept at working with our interface designers to translate their vision into clean code. As an added bonus, Christian stays up to date with the latest evolutions in code, fashion and music (oh and he likes to bake).

  • Rachel Panush
    Project Manager / Operations Manager

    Rachel has over 20 years of experience bringing projects and businesses to fruition. With expertise in marketing and client services, she is an insightful asset, able to identify key priorities and communicate clearly with all members of the team. Rachel helps everyone stay on track by utilizing a suite of project management software and old-fashioned Excel spreadsheets. Rachel’s excellent copy writing finesse is also on tap should your project require an eagle-eyed wordsmith with marketing savvy.

  • Peter Mansfield
    President of Mansfield + Associates

    Under Peter’s direction, M+A quickly established itself as a leading LA strategic marketing agency servicing technology and non-profit organizations. Peter has also served in senior marketing and management roles at Kodak U.K., Ltd., and John Lewis Ltd., the United Kingdom’s fastest growing retail department store chain. Peter provides executionists with high-level marketing strategies based on product launches and successful startups including Brand3, PropertyBridge, BillFloat, and Marqeta.

  • Ulisses Gurgel
    PHP Developer

    Ulisses, or “Uli” for short, is a graduate of Duke University’s Computer Science department. Uli has experience developing content management systems using Drupal, Django, Expression Engine and Wordpress. He also does module and plug-in development, server setup, scripting/automation and database management. Uli works with our developers to complete client projects. Uli is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and doesn’t like peppers or onions in his Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.

  • Daniella Azencot
    Interactive Marketing

    As our internal in-house marketer, Daniella manages all marketing efforts for Executionists as well as many of our external clients. Her top-notch planning and research skills generate custom marketing solutions essential for business growth. As a recent graduate from San Diego State University, Daniella provides expertise in the latest trends in social media, digital marketing, SEO and copy writing. Daniella’s first language is Hebrew and adds Sriracha Rooster sauce to just about every food she eats.

  • Supporting Professionals

    In addition to our capable in-house team, Executionists calls on a variety of local and remote professionals on an as-needed basis. These people include specialty programmers, copywriters, videographers, photographers, SEO/SEM experts and other creative professionals. In most cases these resources are managed by our team but sometimes we have them work directly with the client, depending on project requirements.

    The little fellow pictured in this photo is a stuffed doll we designed as holiday gifts for our clients.

  • Kathy Chan
    Senior Designer

    Hailing from Singapore, Kathy is a world-traveling food-seeker who makes dinner reservations before booking plane tickets! She is also a sci-fi fanatic, an active hiker, and loves working with nonprofits and charitable causes.

    Behind the workbench, Kathy is a typical L.A. tech geek. She is a "chick who codes" with a can't-look-away level of curiosity with regard to visual design. She is always learning and looking for new ways to breathe life and movement to a web-coding language that requires strict rules. Kathy is fluent in Mandarin.

what we do

  • Listen - We want to hear your priorities, values, mission, goals, and requirements.
  • Strategize - With our years of expertise, we help you achieve your goals by strategizing and executing a holistic strategy.
  • Document - We take what we heard and create roadmaps for your project.
  • Design - Roadmaps turn into graphical designs and schematics.
  • Development - Our development team writes the code to make your project work.
  • Manage Projects - We manage our resources to maximize your budget, streamline our efforts, and stick to a schedule.
  • Maintain - We can keep your website and marketing campaigns current, functional, and topical.


awards and stuff

We have received over 30 awards and industry recognition for creative projects including:
Webby Awards - Honoree (multiple projects) • MarCom Gold Award • Graphic Design USA - American Inhouse Design Awards Winner (multiple projects) • Hermes - Platinum Award in Web Design • Hermes - Gold Award in Web Design • Silver Winner - W3 Awards (multiple projects) • Creativity Annual Awards - Honoree (multiple projects) • Web Marketing Web Award - Events Standard of Excellence • Gold Medal - Summit Creative Awards • Honorable Mention - Cindy Award – Creative • Gold Medal - NewMedia Invision Multimedia Awards - Creative • Multimedia Merit Award from HOW Magazine - Creative • Best Web Site, Realcomm's Digital Media Awards - Creative • New Media Merit Award • 78th Annual Art Director's Club - Creative • Lulu Award - Creative • Gold Medal, The New York Festivals - Creative • Macromedia Shocked Site of the Day – Creative • Featured in "Market Smart", Crescent Hill Books • Association of Internet Professionals - Panelist • High-Definition Film Festival, Los Angeles - Judge • “In You Face: The Best of Interactive Design” • Rockfort Publishers Featured Interface Design • Member BBB

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